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Company Name:   
Contact Name:   
My position is: 
City:            State:  Zip: 
Phone:           Fax:
Email address:   Web Site: 

Principal commodities you import and/or export: 

On average, how many times a month 
do you import? export? 

Please describe an average sized shipment: 
Number of cartons or containers: 
weight per carton:  
Dimensions in feet: length  x width  x height  

How are your shipments packaged: 
 40' container?  20' container?  LCL? 

How do you ship:  air?  ocean?  both?
Are shipments  pre-paid?  collect?  or both? 
What are your main destination and origin points
(ie. Chicago to HongKong)?
Is freight F.O.B. port or factory? port or factory
What is more important to your business: 
 transit time and service?  or price? 
Are you getting tracking reports, landed cost, and shipment advice
from your current forwarder/broker?  Yes No 
Who is your current forwarder/broker?  
If our rates and services are competitive, will you give 
us a trial shipment? Yes  No 

Please provide any other details or special intructions:



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